A respectful treatment of people and nature is rooted in our Finnish heritage.

Our goal is to empower people who wear our garments - and people who make them.
Good intentions are not enough: we have been taking action for over 35 years.
Join us, your action matters!




Responsible fashion starts with responsible design. All of our products are designed in Finland using a 3D design and pattern layout software to minimize material waste.

We use new ways to utilize and to minimize surplus materials. Even our scrap fabric turns into corporate gifts, and we have a few zero-waste products. A timeless design made of good quality materials is something you can wear forever.


Picking sustainable materials means looking at fabrics at the fiber level, and based on circular economy principles. We strive to use ethically sourced natural materials, and upcycled materials.

Good quality fabrics also repel dirt, eliminating the need for frequent washing. We pay attention, so you can be part of the solution and wear long-lasting clothes made of fabric scraps, surplus wood pulp or upcycled plastic bottles.






We are a family company headquartered in Finland. We have our own factory in Estonia. Human rights and proper wages are guaranteed by law in Nordic countries. Our trusted partner factories make our specialty products in Finland, Turkey, Sri Lanka, and China.

They share the same sustainable vision with us and have signed our code of conduct. The factories are free of child labor, and the workers are in a safe working environment, paid a living wage, offered employee benefits, and treated with respect at all times.


Environmental responsibility is ingrained in our everyday work. We avoid air freight during our manufacturing process in Europe. Our clothes arrive at our warehouse in garment bags made of surplus fabrics. Our hangers are made from recycled plastic or wood.

We are currently testing different methods to prevent overproducing. Customers can reserve pieces from our Spring/Summer 2020 collection already now. Our clothing rental service is launching soon. Currently we are piloting these only in Finland.




You have the power to decide what happens with Voglia clothes after they leave our hands. Participate in the 30 wears challenge. Curate a functional capsule wardrobe. Rewear, wash, and repeat. Small things, like following our clothing care instructions make a big environmental impact. Use your voice by participating in our surveys, and giving us feedback. Together we can beat fast fashion. Message our CEO and share your thoughts.

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