All Voglia’s products are designed and patterned in Finland. In 2020, 72% of our production located in Estonia, where we have two own factories. 28% was made elsewhere as part of our products require special know-how and machinery, which our Estonian mills can’t serve and provide. 79% of our materials were manufactured in Europe and 21% outside of it.

Responsibility has always been important for Voglia. We are constantly developing our practices to build up more and more transparent, ecological and ethical processes.

This site is steadily updating and growing to offer you as much and as timely information as possible.


Sustainability as a term consists of ecology and ethicality. Environmental load of clothing production and recyclability of garments are part of the ecological issues. Animals and humans and matters connected to their rights belong to the ethical side.

Perennial progress is Voglia’s ambition. We’ve always focused on quality to provide a long lifespan for our collection. For us responsibility work is a long-term process and investment, in which we want to challenge ourselves to develop. We are definitely not complete here and now; we still have a lot to do and improve, so the work continues.


Our products are designed and patterned in Finland. Curretly we have two designers, who are situated in Helsinki and Hyvinkää. Voglia’s pattern making department still locates in our home village Lammi. Our design philosophy is to develop, design and manufacture products to last both visually and functionally. Voglia’s materials and end products are high-quality and timeless. We focus on fit and design our garments respecting and celebrating the diversity of bodies.

Voglia’s clothes are versatile, ageless ja durable - at their best they last for generations.


All our materials are selected carefully. One of the most significant goals of our product development and production is to use durable and easy to maintain materials. We aim to create garments, which are simple to take care of lasting beautiful and usable for a long time.

We prefer natural and recycled materials and we’re working on increasing their percentage of Voglia’s range continually. All our fibers and fabrics are not yet sustainable, but we are on our way towards a more responsible selection.


72% percent of Voglia’s production is in our own factories in Estonia. They locate in Viljandi and Võru. We visit them several times a year to monitor quality and working conditions. Our garments are produced in cells of 2–3 people. One cell aka a group of professionals sews each piece of clothing together and ready from scratch. In these small teams quality control is smooth and efficient and ensembles are easy to master.

Part of our products require special know-how and machinery, which our Estonian mills can’t serve and provide, so 28% of our selection came from other countries: 9% from China, 7% from Germany, 5% from Turkey, 2% from Finland, 2% from India, 1% from Lithuania, 1% from Italy, 0,3% from Estonia and 0,1% from Poland.


95% of all our transportation operates overland and 5% by air. Our goal is to use as much ecological formats as possible; in 2020 80% of our logistics was carbon neutral (in 2019 55% was carbon neutral). Most of our production happens nearby Finland in Estonia, which simplifies our processes and helps in minimizing our environmental footprint.

We are constantly developing our strategies and function models to execute our logistics in a more and more ecological way. Our online orders are already shipped 100% carbon neutrally.


All our precisely chosen fabrics go through wash tests. Besides every end product (aka a piece of clothing or an accessory) is shaken down; we test both their functionality, fit and comfort. Care instructions are composed according to the analysis. We also share information of the qualities of our materials online and educate our personnel working in customer service, which helps our clients to choose perfect garments for their needs and to learn to take good of different materials.

By and by we aim to create a special product care section into our website including a material database and plenty of tips for maintenance.


We strive to minimize the amount of wastage already when designing our products and we also use our own surplus fabrics in our new collections. We monitor and follow up our sales in real time and produce clothing according to its run. Every suitable scrap generated in fabric cutting is collected to be transformed into new products and PR-items. Sometimes we sell or donate our scrap and excess materials too.

When it comes to our end products, our customers can bring their old Voglia clothes to our stores to be directed to charity together with our unsold pieces; we’ve been collaborating with for example Finnish Red Cross.

Besides we aim to repair every reclamation product and usually succeed in it. Rarely a garment is so broken or ruined that it can’t be fixed. Our webshop returns are as well spruced up and set for sale again.


We are eager to discuss openly about sustainability with our customers. Our aim is to inform and influence people to adjust their habits as consumers. We are not yet perfect, but we aim to develop and make increasingly more sustainable choices.

Each piece of clothing in our webshop is also specifically described, so you’ll find detailed info of every product there. Also remember to follow us in social media and give feedback! We are always glad and thankful to receive it.